Goal Mapping Coaching Certification

An Empowerment Tool that really LIFTS LIVES

In this 7 week program you will learn to Map your own goals for all the important areas of life as well as learn how to help lift other people’s lives with Goal Mapping


✔️ Help your clients achieve their goals

✔️ Coach in Business, Education or Public Clients

✔️ International Certification to Coach Goal Mapping

✔️ Personal and Professional Development Opportunity

✔️ A well-proven and documented system for 25 years

✔️ Complete Resource Centre of Support and Marketing Materials



✔️ Goal Mapping for Families + Certified Youth Coach

What to expect ...

Access my coaching course in 7 modules where I take you through all the steps in creating Goal Maps for yourself and learning how to coach others to achieve their dreams

Recordings of all sessions and set up of your online coaching platform

Materials and 1-2-1 coaching

Become a member of the global Goal Mapping community in our monthly meetings


 The Goal Mapping Family Pack + Youth Coach

  • WEEK 1: Group Session

    ✴️ I guide you through the steps of creating your own Goal Map to achieve your BIG future dream

    ✴️Create and use your personal coaching page and gain the practical experience of being coached

  • WEEK 2: Personal Coaching Session

    ✴️Work with one of my top coaches to receive feedback on your Goal Map and how to focus it for maximum power and start learning the process of coaching clients  

    ✴️Learn how to use your affiliate link for the online programme and how to create your client coaching pages

  •  WEEK 3: Group Coaching

    ✴️Learn the 7 Empowering Questions to help your clients become clear about their future dreams and find the thing that makes their heart sing  

    ✴️Take the Life Balance Check and Create a life-area Goal Map

  • WEEK 4: Personal Coaching Session

    ✴️Get feedback from your personal Goal Mapping Coach on your Wellbeing Map

    ✴️Learn the customer coaching process and set-up with online or on paper templates

  • WEEK 5: Group Coaching Session

    ✴️Learn the customer coaching powerpoint presentation and brain-cell science

    ✴️Gain access to the Goal Mapping Coach Resource Centre and download your toolbox materials ready to do your first practice coaching session with a volunteer.

  • WEEK 6: Personal Coaching Session

    ✴️Get feedback and help on your first customer practice coaching session

    ✴️Create a Goal Map and action plan focused on building your Goal Mapping coaching business

  • WEEK 7: Group Coaching Session

    ✴️Questions and Answers from the group about growing your Goal Mapping business, marketing advice, finding your niche and pricing recommendations.

    ✴️Find your Passion, the thing that makes your heart sing, and create a Goal Map focused achieving your life purpose.


    Family Goal Mapping Webinar

    ✴️Learn the 7 Magic Keys to coach children in the power of positive thinking

    ✴️Coach Children and Parents to create individual and family Goal Maps

Anthony Robbins

“Brian is one of the best at helping people create a world-class blueprint for their life – not just goals but sustainable success. His mapping systems are a blast and really effective.”

Siv Tove

When I started as an Executive Leadership Coach and mental trainer I was missing a tool that could capture and give structure to the coaching process with my clients. When I found Goal Mapping it was a big moment for me because it gave me the concrete tool I was looking for. The training to learn it was easy, and I was even more pleased when I started to use it with my clients. They also find it easy yet powerful, and the best part of it is that it gives results to my clients really quickly working through the subconscious mind in a way that expands both possibilities and the effective ways to their achieve goals.


Dates and times

The course starts on Monday 1st July.
Every Monday over 7 weeks you will be invited to join the group sessions and work with your personal coach as outlined above. Each session will be recorded and made available to you immediately after the session


Group Sessions 09:00am GMT + 1 (10am Central European time)

Timing of personal coaching sessions can be arranged with your coach



Family Goal Mapping

Learn how to teach positive thinking and Goal Mapping to children

Sunday 23rd of June

09:00am GMT + 1 (10am Central European time)

The session will be recorded and sent to you immediately after




In this course you will get my 7 step Coach training and Certification to coach Goal Mapping to people anywhere in the world to business, education and public customers plus set-up of your online coaching platform and support materials.


Goal Mapping Coaching Certification $1,502

10 Gold + 10 Silver Upgrade Codes to use with your clients or however you wish. $1,811

Family Goal Mapping Pack of Books, Video, Audiobook and Webinar $377

Total Price  $3,690



Payment Options

One complete payment

Totalt: $1,502

  • Goal Mapping Coach Certification
  • 7 Coaching Sessions with Group and Personal Coaching
  • Complete Product Support and Marketing Materials




Payment Plan

3 Installments

Totalt: $1,788

  • Goal Mapping Coach Certification
  • 7 Coaching Sessions with Group and Personal Coaching
  • Complete Product Support and Marketing Materials




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